Meet the Author

Meet the Author



Hello, and thanks for stopping by!  I am so excited to share my stories with you, which I’ve been writing and telling for as long as I can remember.  Most of my stories have been inspired by my three children and the children that I’ve had the privilege to mentor and teach over the years through volunteer programs, such as SafeHouse and the AmeriCorps school program (an opportunity I cherish as an AmeriCorps alumni myself).  I then shared my stories with my students, and they, in turn, inspired and empowered me to share my stories with the world.


So I write to keep that cycle going, with hope that my words will entertain, uplift, inspire, and motivate; because I have faith that my stories will benefit others; and because it’s my purpose, my love, and what God has called me to do.


And just like that, here I am—from a closet writer to a published author and poet, loving every minute of it.


I thank God for blessing me with this gift and opportunity, and my prayer is that there’s a blessing for you in every one of my books.





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